Tried and tested v-8 powertrain

Dutchiee Cars has the latest cars and automotive news! Make sure to check regularly and stay up to date.Fisker Inc. is on the verge of creating a masterpiece, all involving a vehicle that was known as Project Ronin. Ronin, being a wandering Samurai from feudal Japan with no lord or master, is a perfect name for this car today. For a Samurai, the premodern warriors of Japan, were meant “to serve.” This is exactly what Fisker Inc. intends to do, not only by making unique electric vehicles to carry us into the automotive future, but by eventually creating a 100 percent climate-neutral vehicle. In terms of the Ronin, it’s hailed as the world’s first all-electric four-door convertible GT sports car, something that is “built for a category of one.” Reportedly, the car’s name alludes to the John Frankenheimer film, also called Ronin. The film features epic car chases, and is itself an art form.Of course, GT in this sense denotes a high-performance vehicle, a grand touring car. This is usually a coupe, seating two to four, and designed for high speed comfort. To know anything about Fisker’s Chairman and dutchieecars co-founder Henrik Fisker, is to know that this isn’t his first rodeo. Fisker Inc. is actually his second automotive company, but before that, he was known for designing the limited BMW Z8 of James Bond movie fame, as the President and CEO of BMW Designworks U.S. He also is credited with bringing Aston Martin back from the brink, as a former board member and design director, resulting in the DB9/V8 Vantage becoming the most-sold Aston Martin ever. Take a look at the upcoming Aston Martin DB12 and note the stunning beauty of its construct, surely a hallmark of the brand, but one that Mr. Fisker took to new heights. The DB12 is called the world’s first super tourer, as Aston Martin’s latest flagship.

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